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A person commits the offense of aggravated sexual assault when he or she intentionally or knowingly, without another person's consent, causes the penetration of the anus or the female sexual organ of another person, causes the penetration of the mouth of the other person with a sexual organ, or causes the sexual organ of the other person to contact or to penetrate the mouth, anus, or sexual organ of the person or any other person. More...


Motion for an Acquittal

After a defendant is convicted, he may file a motion for an acquittal. An acquittal is a formal certification of innocence or a finding of not guilty. Typically, the basis for filing a motion for an acquittal is that the evidence does not support the verdict. More...


Larceny and Conversion of Government Property

Larceny or the theft of government property is a federal offense. In order to prove the crime; the prosecution mustprove the following: A wrongful taking or carrying away of property; the property belonged to the United States; the defendant took the property without the consent of the United States; the defendant had the intent to deprive the United States of the property. More...



A person commits the offense of riot when he or she, along with an assembly of a certain number of persons, creates an immediate danger of injury to property or to other persons or when he or she substantially interferes or obstructs law enforcement or other government functions or services. More...


Right to Effective Counsel and Attachment of the Right to Counsel

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees a defendant the right to effective assistance of counsel in criminal proceedings. Effective assistance of counsel is presumed. If the defendant claims that his counsel was ineffective, he has the burden of proving that the ineffectiveness prejudiced him and that a different result would have occurred but for the ineffectiveness. Instances that do not constitute ineffectiveness include trial tactics, failure to raise an invalid defense, and failure to argue frivolous matters. More...

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