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I wanted to express my gratitude to your attorneys and staff, and especially to you for being so helpful and being there at the deposition. In my mind, your involvement was I believe truly a God thing as this was the first time I have experienced the legal process and named in a law suit. As you well know, I did not select your firm to represent me but my insurance company did. I don’t believe I could have picked better if I was to have found representation for myself. So thank you for everything, especially in the way you handled a first time visitor.

Mr. LeCrone has in my opinion assembled an awesome team and for that I am grateful!

God bless you and your firm,

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you and your entire office for everything you have done for myself, the insurance company, and all of our customers you have defended.

You have always been someone I could rely on to get the job done and do it in whatever unrealistic time frame we might have imposed on you. The team you have assembled is unsurpassed by any firm I have dealt with in all my years handling claims, which is a testament to your eye for talent and leadership abilities.

To everyone at your firm, it has truly been a pleasure working with each and every one of you. Working and interacting with you will be one of the things I am going to miss the most.

Again, thanks for everything,

Sometimes Good People Make Mistakes!

My brother moved to Texas about 9 years ago and started to straighten out his life. Then one day he made a mistake and was caught shoplifting food in Wal-Mart. He had never been arrested before this event. He called me in New Jersey and told me it was a minor offense. He had posted bond and was waiting to go to court. My brother was not aware of how the legal process worked and he had moved but never informed the court of his new address. Unfortunately, he missed his court date and a warrant was put out for his arrest.

When he went to court on another matter with his wife, a guard recognized him and to his surprise he was arrested. His panic stricken wife called me that evening in New Jersey and informed me of the circumstances. I needed to get $2,000 cash bond to her and find a good lawyer immediately. I looked up attorneys in the area of where my brother lived and found a few. Then I went to and found Adam LeCrone, an AV-Rated Preeminent Attorney who is also known as a Super Lawyer. I called him the next morning and retained him for my brother.

Adam LeCrone assured me that my brother would not go to jail and told me he would try to get him deferred probation. This means he would not have a record as long as he stayed out of trouble. Adam's relaxed demeanor put my mind at ease. I trusted him.

Adam LeCrone achieved all his goals that he advised me about as my brother had to pay a fine, he received deferred probation, he has no record and does not have to report to a probation officer. Adam LeCrone is a true super lawyer!

We are all thankful to Adam LeCrone! He is an attorney with integrity and conviction! If you or anyone you know makes a mistake, I highly recommend the LeCrone Law Firm.

J. B.
New Jersey

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